Saturday, December 12, 2009


The day has arrived!  We're leaving Dumai today, and hopefully will never return.  I've waited until the last possible minute to write this post so that I don't jinx it.  We leave for the airport in an hour, so I'm pretty sure I'm safe now.  We'll stay the night in Jakarta tonight, then fly to Singapore and then Bali tomorrow.  Have to fly back to Chicago on the 22nd because all flights on the 23rd were booked.  Something about people traveling for Christmas... I wouldn't know anything about that.  Matt wants to drive to Arkansas because he says we don't know when we'll need to get back to Chicago for his work.  Mostly I think it's that he hasn't driven in 6 months and he misses it.  Anyway, we'll figure all that out later.  Having just finished a month of mostly sitting on my biscuit at the computer, I probably won't really update this in Bali.  Well, maybe I will.  If something really amazing happens.... and how could it not?  

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