Thursday, October 14, 2010


If you guys were worried that I was turning into one of those negative people who doesn't like anything, I'm pleased to say that you are mistaken.  I loooove Thailand.  We haven't even been out of Bangkok yet, and I'm just in effing love with this place.  Mostly it's due to the people being so fabulously nice, but the clean streets and lack of cows in trash piles doesn't hurt either.  For example: yesterday we were walking around the city and these two Thai ladies walked up behind us and said "Ohhh, sexy ladies!"  Of course I thought they were trying to sell us something at first, but no, they were just friendly chatty ladies!  Amazing!  I feel like I've never met friendly people before.  Oh, then later in the day I got cash out of the ATM and walked off, and then this lady ran up to me and gave me my debit card and receipt that I had apparently left in the machine!  Impressive.  Anyway, I'm not blogging a full account of our time so far, but if you'd like to read what we did on our first day, please refer to Mary's blog: .  Please enjoy it. ExTRA rules!

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  1. Yeah I'm so glad your all there and loving it. Its hands down my fav location we have been to! :D