Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wedding Season

Last Thursday was my yoga friend, Dhwani's wedding.  As you all know, I had been looking forward to this thing for weeks.  I didn't have a saree so I borrowed one from Srila, but after wearing it, I think I might just need one.  They're so pretty.  

Dhwani, the bride.  I think this is really typical Gujarati wedding attire.  She told me her nose ring was bigger than most.  I'm jealous.  

Matt and I were fairly nervous going to this wedding, mostly because we didn't know anyone and didn't know the etiquette.  Did we need to bow and curtsy?  Do we have assigned seats?  Does it matter that my shoes are sinking in the mud?  Where do I put the wedding gift?  Can I put my clothes in the dishwasher?  We were pretty pleased to discover that everything is extremely laid back and no one really cares what you do - at least they didn't care what we did.  Sometimes being a foreigner is nice.  Anyway, the wedding ceremony takes place up on a stage which is set up in a huge open area.  All the guests sit in the lawn to watch, and the bride and groom are up on stage... with their families and maybe some friends... and all the different people performing the service... and all the photographers and videographers.  
My view of the stage.  The groom's part of the ceremony had already started at this point.  Not that anyone really cared.  

Very different from a Western wedding, but it works.  This part of the ceremony lasted maybe three hours (there was also a morning ceremony that I skipped), so people just kind of watch for a while and then get up and mingle and go eat and maybe jump to get a better view.  
Guests watching the action and taking pictures.  

It's pretty strange and feels a little inconsiderate, but I like it.  Maybe I'll do this for my next wedding.  
Dhwani getting her feet washed by her aunt.  Don't ask me the symbolism or tradition behind this. I wouldn't tell you even if I knew.  

I watched almost all of the ceremony and took literally no information away from it.  I didn't know what I was looking at, and had no one to tell me.  Was cool though.  

Dhwani and Amar (the groom) light the fire.  Those two old men on either side are like priests.  I think.  Maybe they just wanted a closer view.  
Then they run around the fire five times and people throw stuff at them.  

When the ceremony is over, I guess guests get up on stage to give their gifts and get a picture with the newlyweds.  I did this and was so nervous about it I was shaking.  I'm no good in unfamiliar situations.  Especially with my translucent white skin gleaming under the lights.  I only almost fell twice though.  Some stories have happy endings.  

The couple with their friends.  Don't you love all the colors?  Why don't we dress like this in the states?  

Which brings us to Matt and me in all our finery:  
Yeah, we're sharp.  So sharp it stings the eyes.  
Matt made fun of me for taking this picture, but I wanted to show off the back.  

I had to call the receptionist to come wrap me in the saree.  She pinned me in there really well so nothing would fall out.  Thanks, Priyanka.  
That is all I have to say about that.  It was fun.  Probably we won't go to another here, as wedding season is almost over and we are staring scorching summer in the face... unless we're still here next February.  Can't say that's not a possibility, though believe me I wish I could.  

This is what happens when Matt makes fun of me.  I get my revenge.  This is his Barney Stinson pose.  


  1. Wow that is so AMAZING! So jealous that you got to wear a saree! You look great!

    I just realized that I may have used to many exclamation points, but I think it just symbolizes how much I love this post :)

  2. Well I would love to wear a saree at your next weedding ;)
    That so cool you got to go! I'm with Danielle also---so jealous you got to wear a saree.

  3. Caitlin you look soo pretty in a sari!!! Love it!!!

  4. tell matt he looks sharp too. he needs some love