Monday, March 14, 2011

If You're Lucky Enough to be Irish

You're lucky enough!  Saturday we went downtown to see the green river, because I've never seen it, and I heard it was the last year they were dying it!  Something about it being bad for the environment or something.  It was really cold.  Apart from the color of the river, it was a big change from India.

It looks way greener on my computer.  Stupid blogger.  It is like bright, kelly, slime green.  

Chris, Danielle, Matt, me.  We be ballin'.  

After viewing the river, it was too cold to do anything else, so we went to a bar and had a green beer.  Wow.  What an exciting blog post this was.  All these pictures are from Matt's new Christmas camera.  It is both chic and portable.  

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  

Hema (who claims she owns nothing green), Danielle, me.  

Ha.  Matt did a much better version of this, but I didn't snap the shot in time, and he almost fell in, so he wouldn't re-do it.  Lame.  
I am loving America.  


  1. Its the last year :( Booooo I never got to see it! Hope you all around april 1st when we get back!!!!

  2. Love the pictures! I was going to blog on this too but you beat me to it. I'll probably do it anyways and steal your pictures. I tried researching about the end of the dying of the river but found nothing, I think maybe it was something I dreamt up. I also found that the dye they use is vegetable dye so it's probably ok for the environment, maybe, I'm sure the fish love it.

  3. I want to be in Chicago with you guys! :(

  4. We want you to be back here, Mary! Hopefully when you guys get back it will be nice and warm!