Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

Just as I suspected, the excitement factor of my blog posts has gone down dramatically since we stopped traveling.  I guess that's to be expected, but it is still vaguely unsettling - the way the winner of the Ugliest Dog Contest is unsettling.  I'd like to say this onslaught of boring posts isn't my fault, but I'd be lying.  Mostly it is.  I could make it a bit more interesting, but I haven't had much to work with the past few weeks. (Never mind that epic 60 hour power outage that almost exclusively struck our building after the storm last week.  No one wants to hear about that.)

Until my Arkansas friends came to town, that is.  It is a documented fact that we Arkansawyers know how to kick the fun-factor up a notch.
See, we are a blast.  

Aside from Allison spending a good 24 hours explaining to me what "hipsters" are, (somehow I missed that entire sub-cultural movement.  Blame it on India.) Matt and I spent most of our time showing off our prowess as hot-shot big city dwellers and exposing the girls as the country bumpkins they really are.  Mostly we followed Matt around as he took us on the awe-inducing, ever-gleaming, lightning-fast CTA train into downtown, holding our breath surreptitiously so as not to gag from the stench of urine that seems to linger in every car of the transit system.  We got swept up in the sweaty masses of the Taste of Chicago, and swiftly moved on to the more comfortable quarters of Lincoln Park's Summerfest celebration.
Before my inbox gets overloaded with questions regarding where to find those masks:  you're out of luck.  We got those in Germany.  Best impulse buy ever.  

Later, we marveled at the treasures on display at the Chicago Antique Market Festival, where Allison bought a $3 necklace of unknown material (possibly silver, in which case - Score!  Possibly tin, in which case it's probably recyclable), Rachael bought a nuts and bolts bracelet (it looks just like it sounds), and Matt and I found the best prize of all:  two leather office chairs!  If you aren't jumping out of your skin with enthusiasm at this very moment, that's only because I haven't told you yet that we got them for the meager price of $75 for the pair!  Come on!  That is amazing.  That's like $4 a chair or something incredible like that.  I'm a little fuzzy on the math.
See?  They're even on casters.  Who doesn't love casters? 

These chairs not only give us a place to sit while we await our ever-absent Macy's sofa (which, let's be honest, we should probably chalk up to a scam at this point), but they also proved to be a hot commodity at the festival.  No sooner had Matt and I left to get cash from the ATM than a scavenging couple came up and offered the woman $150 for the chairs.  Thankfully Rachael and Allison were there to bare their teeth, sprout hair from their bodies, and morph into rabid werewolves, thereby scaring off those and any more amazing-chair thieves.  The couple asked me to sell them just one chair for $75 (ensuring me a free chair), but I told them I needed the pair.  I'm not sure if that's true, but I didn't like the look of that guy.  Plus, I probably did need both, as evidenced by the lack of sofa situation.

Anyway, after the excitement of the weekend, we are now back to just the two of us, in our humdrum day-to-day activities.  Today, I'm making potstickers.  Tomorrow it's a potato frittata.  This might end up being a food blog, but probably not.  Unless it turns into an "I'm not sure how to cook but God bless I'm going to persevere" food blog.  Doubtful.  


  1. Pretty sure the chairs are faux leather; can't sit with us anyway.
    Had a great time and thanks for being such a great host (really that's to Matt)! Love you guys and am so glad you were able to contain your big city coolness long enough to entertain the country bumpkins!

    Denver next?

  2. I just showed Dillon these pictures and told him you took the pic with the self-timer. His response....."Wow. What a party." Apparently we aren't as much fun as we think.

  3. THAT is a bald-faced lie. We are totally as much fun as we think. He just doesn't know it yet, because he's and early twentysomething. Take a good hard look at your future Dillon. Self-timed pictures and funny masks await you.

    P.S. I think the chairs are "leatherette" -- just like my car seats.
    P.P.S Matt says you're welcome.

    Most definitely Denver next! I'd better start looking at ski packages already!

  4. I think canoeing (floating) and a kick ass baby shower are pretty blog worthy! LOL Plus I want to see pictures of the shower :D
    Good score on the seats!