Sunday, April 1, 2012


So, I guess now it's official, and I can finally share our big news; we WON THE LOTTERY!!!!!! Our last-minute ticket frenzy paid off, and we won!  We'll be splitting it with two other winners, but still - one third of $640 million is a lot of money! We've already contacted a lawyer and have our payout all set up and will be receiving $119 million after the lump sum and taxes.  Wow. I still can't believe it.  I am in total shock......

Yeah, yeah, April Fool's.  I know, it's not a very great one this year, but I didn't have much to work with.  I was going to go with the standard "I'm pregnant" line, but as I just found out that's incredibly true at the moment, I had to scramble for something else.

For the record, we actually did win the lottery - a whopping $9!  We only paid $6 for the tickets, so I'd say a $3 profit is not too shabby, considering the overwhelming majority of the tickets sold were worthless.  Anyway, sorry for the lame joke.  I'll come up with something better next year.  Or am I getting to old for this?  Perhaps.  

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