Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We have a new president!  I am unbelievably excited!  I watched the inauguration here on CNN and while I was sad about not being in the U.S. (or, at the ceremony, for that matter) it was really exciting to watch it live all the way across the world.  I thought it was really great that he used the Lincoln bible to take the oath as well.  Admittedly, I only just now (literally, the second after I wrote that sentence) figured out the importance of using that particular bible.   Also, I really liked Michelle Obama's dress.  I was impressed.  She looked very classy and stylish.  (They've been showing inaugural fashion specials nonstop on CNN today.)
Well, I guess now is as good a time as any to make some corrections on my most recent (and awesome) post.  Matt told me that he read that the Veil of Veronica at the Schatzkammer in Vienna is actually just a well made copy.  Apparently the real one is at the Vatican.  But there's hope...he also said there are 3 out there, and no one is sure which is the real one.  Our audio guide mentioned something about Veronica having folded her veil into thirds and the image being transfered onto all three.  I wouldn't trust that audio guide, though.  He steered us wrong with the narwhal horns.  
Matt is having a really boring and lonely time at work.  Apparently they're holding temperatures and everything steady for the time being and because he works evenings, he works with all Germans who don't speak English, and he's alone in his office.  So we've been chatting online and surfing the Internet "together".  At least it gives me something to do!  There are some really good Family Guy episodes coming on right now, but they're all in German, so I can't partake.  Brent, the new chief, was saying today that he thinks we will stay here past February 6th, which was supposed to be the absolute final end date... go figure.  We've all heard that one before!  At least now we're in a fun place this time! We're going to have to make a visa run probably next weekend, so I'm excited about that.  I think our choices are Istanbul and London.  Don't ask me why those are the only two... something about the EU and cost.  My choice would probably be Istanbul, but Matt's never been to London, so we might go there.  Either would be wonderful, so I'll leave it up to him. We'll probably end up doing paper rock scissors.  That's how we make most of our decisions.  

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  1. So I think you should definitely go to Istanbul. I would love to go to Istanbul and probably won't get to bc of the military stuff. So, big news. I got tired of being second fiddle on rick's blog and started my own. Not that I've written much.