Monday, April 26, 2010

Can I Finnish?

Helsinki from the ferry boat.  Look at that ominous black cloud.  There's snow in there.  

I love Finland.  And I really mean it this time.  It's nice to say that and actually feel good about it! It's amazing here!  Pretty cold when the wind blows, but other than that, it's great!  Helsinki is a pretty modern city but still has all the cool old buildings I've come to expect of Europe.  It's kind of like living in downtown Munich, but with less cool sights.  I've seen lots of churches from a distance, but have only been in one, Rock Church, so far.  
Dome of Rock Church from the outside.  I was scared to take pictures inside.  Too holy.  

It's actually built in a rock, which I found really cool. The walls are all rock and the inside reminds me of the Indian Rock House at home (that's the Buffalo National Park to you outsiders) if it had a domed copper ceiling and pews inside.  
Beth (left) and Matt (right) in Soumenlinna.
Beth left us today, but not before we ferried to Soumenlinna, an old Finnish sea port.  It was really pretty there, and really cold with the wind blowing, but aside from that, I don't know much about it.  Sorry guys.  History's not really my thing.  It was really fun to go with Beth, though. 
Cannon on Soumenlinna

 I think both Matt and I enjoyed having someone else to talk to for a couple days besides just each other.  It was nice to tell all our same stories to someone who hadn't heard them... or she said she hadn't.  She was probably just being polite because she sensed our desperation.  Anyway, she flew out today, so now it's back to just husband and wife. I guess I can put up with Matt a little while longer.  
View of Helsinki from Soumenlinna.         Fortress walls.

We just looked at the roadmap and saw that Australia, Dagang (China... aka my own private Hell) and Pakistan (everyone's Hell) are all coming up... Matt's convinced he'll get Pakistan.  I'm convinced he'll get Dagang.  I think we'd both be floored to get Australia.  Don't look into tickets just yet... it'll never happen.  But if it were to happen, you guys should all come visit!  But seriously, it won't.  

Me leaning on the church on the Soumenlinna.  Clever.  
Did I mention it stays light really late here?  This is outside our hotel window at 8.30 pm.  Now if it'd only stay warm that late then we could enjoy it.

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