Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well, we made it back to Chicago after our long and perilous journey.  It was a really long trip, but we did get to sit together thanks to United's new complimentary upgrade program.  Thanks, United!  You're really stepping up your game.  

I don't have time to write all about our Mumbai trip just yet... I have several bags of disgusting laundry that need to be washed... I've heard it takes a while to get the India stench out of them.  Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know our interesting news... I'm not calling it bad news because I'm trying to stay positive.  Matt just called from work and said he is coming off the road.  For good.  He put in his two weeks notice to UOP today.  I'm not exactly sure of all the details, but I guess his managers were trying to send him to Saudi Arabia again... this time for at least a year.  And he'd have to go alone because they couldn't get me a visa because I'm a woman.  So Matt said he wasn't willing to do that, and they said he had to.  And he said then I want to come off the road, and they said if you do that, we'll need your full resignation because we don't have a job for you in the office.  So that's what he gave them. I'm absolutely floored about this.  Things were going so well for Matt work-wise, and he had been getting such great feedback from his bosses.  I guess all it takes is one slip up, though.  And I guess not doing exactly what they tell you counts as a slip up. I don't know. We just can't believe this.  I don't know what if any kind of severance he'll get or anything.   So wish us luck everyone.  Hopefully we can work this out.   I'm fully supporting his decision, it's just really sudden.  A year is too long for us to be apart, even if he was allowed to come home to visit (I don't know if he would have been or not).  I'll let you all know as soon as I find out any new information.  We're both pretty shaken up about this new turn of events... I've been crying all morning.  Maybe it will be for the best, though.  I'll try to update again later tonight when i know something more. 

Anyway, here's a picture of the Gujarati staple Thali that I liked so much in India.  This is from my favorite Thali restaurant (it had to be my favorite... it was the only one I went to).  See how much food they give you? And it's unlimited... and it only costs about $5, which is actually kind of expensive for India.  

Anyway, my love to all.  Will keep you posted as the situation develops.  If this should turn out to be a sick twisted April Fool's joke I'm playing, designed to stress you all out and then drop the hammer right when the tension gets highest, (it is, and it was) please don't take offense.  It's all in fun, people.  Allll in fun.  April Fool's everyone.  At least I didn't say I was pregnant... I got Aura pretty good with that one last year.  She wasn't pleased.  

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