Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Editor's Note

Forgive me, readers, for I know it's been too long.  Since my last post, I've been living it up in Arkansas visiting friends and family.  Matt came to AR with me for about a week, but then had to cut his trip short to return to the office - bleh.  Howevuuhh (that's how my friend Tyler says it, and I'm a fan) I got to stay on for something like five extra days... and that's when the REAL party started.  I spent the weekend in Yellville camping out on the river with my few remaining hikes school friends.  

The mighty Buffalo River.  Ain't that fine?  This is why people like Arkansas.  
Aside from the delicious food (hot dogs with no buns and burnt marshmallows) the highlight of the trip was seeing a bald eagle fly right in front of us.  I don't think anyone else was quite as impressed with this event as I was, seeing how I was and am the only one who keeps bringing it up in every conversation I have.  I guess the eagles are alive and well in Arkansas.  For Memorial Day weekend, Mom, Matt and I went on a hike to Hawksbill Crag, one of the most scenic spots in Arkansas.  Matt showed off his city side by traipsing daintily through the wilderness trying not to get poison ivy. 

Mom and Matt on Hawksbill Crag.  Another fine example of why people like Arkansas.  
All in all, the trip was a success, but I'm pretty glad to be back in Chi-town for a while.  Like a day.  Yes, after much persuasion (and guilt-tripping) from Aura, I finally broke down and agreed to go visit Garland and her in Jackson (Hole, Wyoming, for those of you not in the know.  Now you are).  I'm excited to see them, but it will be a very short visit because Matt has some training class he MUST attend on Monday of next week.  So basically we'll only be there for the weekend, which is a bummer, but we'll work it out. We're already pretty exhausted from going around the globe so much recently and living in hotels.  It seems like there should be like some sort of a home base we could have, somewhere we could come back to and keep our things and live there.  It seems I've heard of a place such as this, some place called a "house".  Ahhh, but that was probably just a dream.  Or a dream of a dream.  
My friend Nicole's baby, Leila.  While I neglected to take any pictures of any of my family members, I did take some of someone else's family.  Please enjoy it.  

And now, onto the real reason for this post.  It has come to my attention that there were a few glaring errors on my last blog post.  I will correct those now: I reported that Geoff Correnti had two home runs and two RBIs in his last high school baseball game, but he actually had FOUR RBIs and two home runs.  Go Geoff.  Also, I misspelled the Correnti family dog's name.  It is Winstin, not Winston, as I had previously thought.  We here at She's Gone Rogue deeply regret these errors and apologize for any distress they may have caused.  We strive to be a factual publication and thrive on responsible journalism, and will continue to do our best to keep you up to date on our latest adventures.  

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