Sunday, June 27, 2010

Way Down Yonder

So where are we today?  India?  Chicago?  Thailand?  False.  We are in Chattanooga, Tennessee, of course.  And why are we here?  Funny you should ask...


Matt got a call Thursday after work from his manager who asked the obligatory: "So are you in India yet?" To which Matt responded, "No, India has been pushed back for a month." (Side note: isn't it kind of weird that Matt has to tell his manager that the job is delayed and not vice versa?  It's just the UOP way.  They're all about self-sufficiency over there... making boys into men, and men into engineers since 1917.)  Anyway, so then Mr. UOP said they needed Matt to take the rest of his missed holidays and get out of their collective face for a week.  Don't mind if I do, said Matt.  So then we put off deciding where to go until Saturday, and then we finally settled on Chattanooga!  False.  We settled on Chattanooga for one night en route to St. Petersburg, Florida!  Should be a pretty good time, providing the weather holds up for us.  The forecast called for rain every day, but we Correntis like to walk on the wild side.  We laugh in the face of danger... danger being rain and the potential for oil muck to come onshore.  We'll be fiiiine.  Anyway, that's all my news.  We'll be in Florida for a few days, and will drive back through TN on the 2nd or 3rd of July, and are planning to spend the 4th in Nashville where they are having an Independence Day concert on the river - for freeeee! Trace Adkins is headlining, and Matt, having recently embraced his inner country music superstar, is actually really excited about it.

So anyway.... sorry I don't have a picture today.  After 10 hours in the car, I didn't really feel like taking any pictures.  Rest assured, it is a lovely town.  From what I've seen of it... the hotel.   I'll try to update sometime this week if I can peel myself away from the beach (or the indoor pool, depending on the weather) long enough to do so.  Just wanted to let you know we're here.  Somewhere.  


  1. St. Pete's is relaxing!! Have fun!

  2. We just got back to UOP head quarters and your gone again :p Ok but we should be here when you get back! Lets go do something!!! Have fun :)