Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are You Not Entertained?

Yeah, I know, I'm slacking on the updates.  Only posting once a week is not really considered slacking in the blog world (at least out of the blogs I read, but all those people are super lazy) but for me it's pretty much inexcusable.  However, I have been finding less and less to write about since returning to India a little more than a month ago.  I don't do much, and what little I do do (ha, doodoo), I wouldn't expect most people to find very interesting.  Nonetheless, I didn't sign up for this free blog for nothing (that doesn't make a lick of sense), so here I am... writing another worthless post.  Feel free to stop reading now.  Obviously this post is taking a dastardly turn.

I believe I have already updated you all on the fact that we got a new hotel room.  I finally took some pictures of it yesterday to give everyone a little taste of the Indian bliss that you're missing.  Again, I'm posting way too many pictures, but this way you can compare this room to the dingy old one.

Living room.  
Storage under the couch.  

Whole room.  

Office.  Yes, that is a picture of Shahrukh Khan, seemingly the most famous Indian in history (or at least Bollywood history), that Matt was kind enough to make as my desktop background.  

Kitchen.  We even have a drawer for food! 

Office/kitchen/den combo.  (Please note how I have cleverly hidden the kitchen behind those doors, giving the room a much more pulled-together feel.)

Bathroom, complete with shelves AND a mirror above the toilet!


Shower.  Still won't be using the bathtub because the water is still the same, but it's prettier to look at.  

His and Hers closets.  

A special place for the blankets when we're not using them!  How grand.  Also, this is where we put the hot plate when we cook.  

And last but not least, our "garden view".  I'm almost certain this thing isn't actually a garden, but there's no way out there, so I can't find out. 

Anyway, I think this will satisfy your curiosity, as I've shown I'm nothing if not thorough when it comes to showing you my living conditions.  Also, this satisfies my conscience, for I've been concerned that you were all on the verge of aneurisms worrying about me in India.  

In other news, I have come to the conclusion that I'm not going to find spiritual enlightenment while in India.  Mostly because I'm not really looking for it.  I feel like I should be, because isn't that why people travel to  India?  For a higher understanding and a better relationship with the All Mighty?  (At least this is what I'm getting out of my second go 'round with "Eat, Pray, Love".  I just finished the "Pray" section, which I guess is pretty obvious.)  Possibly people come for other reasons, but I'm pretty certain mostly it's for spiritual journeying.  Anyway, while I have been praying more than usual here (I don't really want to get into the particulars, but suffice it to say I've had some things to pray about), mostly I don't feel any sense of spiritual connection to this country.  Probably because I rarely leave my hotel room (for obvious reasons... I mean, look at it), and when I do, I am too busy trying to dodge both traffic and the beggar children to look for religious experiences.  Maybe this should be a new project for me in India:  Form a better relationship with God.  Shouldn't be too hard considering the only relationship we have now consists of me saying "Good Lord" on occasion.  Wish me luck on my endeavor. Probably I will forget about it within the next half hour.

I actually do have some other stuff to update you on, but none of it is very important, and I've run out of patience with blogging at the moment.  Also, I feel I should probably save some stuff for later in the week so I can get my posting numbers up.  I'm only at 67... Mary made it to 100 forever ago!  I'm not too worried, though... she just got back to India so surely her will to post is rapidly declining.


  1. HAHAHA her posts are probably going to decline. Mine have since it takes all day for 4 photo uploads! WTF is with the mirror above the toilet..... I have never heard/seen THAT before! LOL

  2. I LOVE your blog! Have you watched any bollywood flicks?

  3. Super lazy??? I think the only reason I do one blog a week is because I'm too busy entertaining you on gchat all day long. You're welcome.

  4. Yes, I'm already slacking. I will post here in a few mins. The only picture I have is attempting to find a store. uh, thanks India. Maybe we can work on the praying thing in Thailand? I can lay on the beach with a drink in my hand and pray....does that count?

  5. Angela - I know, right?
    Hema - Thanks! I haven't seen a bollywood movie at the theater, but I watch them on TV sometimes!
    Danielle - False. It is most definitely ME who entertains YOU on gchat.
    Mary - It only counts if we pray in Thailand together.