Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good News...

I saw a dog today!  (Elf, 2003)  Also, I have some other news.  I ran my very first 5k yesterday!  Yup, I, Caitlin Streett (Correnti), self-proclaimed anti-runner, slow as molasses (but twice as sweet), ran a whole 5 kilometers!  That's 3.11 miles, for all you Americans that don't need to know about kilometers because everything is so conveniently translated into miles and feet.  Never mind that it was on a treadmill, and never mind that it took me 32 minutes, I still did it!  And never mind that I wasn't actually racing anyone so it probably doesn't count as "a 5k".  I guess I should just say "I ran 5 kilometers today", but that doesn't sound as impressive to me for some reason.  AND it was really hot in the gym.  I probably lost 5 kilos (11 lbs) just from sweating in there.  Anyway, my point is, you should all be really proud of me, because I am really proud of myself.  I don't know that I'll ever be able to do that again, but maybe one day.  One day.  
This has nothing to do with anything, but I felt like there should be a picture here.  This is the "Residence Lounge" in the hotel.  As far as I can tell, the Americans are the only ones who use this.  

In other news, I took Matt to the hospital Monday.  Don't worry, he's not pregnant.  Also, he doesn't have Dengue Fever, Typhoid or Malaria, though those were the three diagnoses the doctor came up with (funnily enough, those were the three I found on WebMD while I was playing diagnostician).  After we ruled all three out, the doctor said "You have some kind of fever." In other words, he didn't know what it was, but he gave him some medicine, and Matt seemed to be feeling pretty good after that.  Now, however, he is inexplicably feeling really dizzy and disoriented.  Hopefully that's just a side effect of the antibiotics the doctor gave him?  I think he plans to stop taking it and see if that helps... otherwise, we may just have to take him out back and shoot him.  Sometimes that's the only thing left to do. 

New hot plate. It has two burners!  
Saturday (before Matt got so ill, but while he was still a little ill) we went shopping and bought an electric hot plate!  We are pretty excited about it.  We made some pasta the other night, and it worked out pretty well, aside from the fact that our room has no ventilation.  The windows don't open, so I had to stand at the door and fan all the smoke/steam out of the room so it wouldn't set off the smoke detector.  Ahh, the joys of living on the road.   

Our new and improved kitchen.  Nice, very nice.  

Anyway, It is raining here (again) today (allllll day) and I just heard a clap of thunder!  This is huge because I've never heard thunder in India before!  My first Indian thunder!  (Not to be confused with "morning thunder", which is something that gentlemen are known to have shortly after waking.)
Rain out my window.  You can't tell, obviously, but it was thundering, too.  
Man outside on the roof of the hotel in the rain.  I don't know what he was doing, but I enjoyed stalking his movements with my zoom lens.  
One thing you should know, our hotel leaks.  A lot. From what I can tell, they re-do the sheetrock on the walls in most of the hotel right before monsoon season.  Does this make sense?  No.  No it doesn't.  But that is the way of these people.   
One of the many, many leaks.  They just re-did this entire hallway before we left in March.   

I guess that about does it for my post today.  I know what you're thinking: did I really just spend the day taking pictures inside the hotel so I could post them on the blog?  No, not at all. I also played Super Mario on the Nintendo DS.  I also have big plans to watch television later.  See, I can be productive when I want to.  


  1. I really enjoyed this post! Made me laugh out loud -- just stupid road stuff :) Congrats on winning the 5k you ran!

  2. You are my idol! :) I need you here to inspire me to work out.

  3. Ha! I'm no one's idol! Although I guess you could choose a worse idol than me. I'm very impressive. Thanks, ladies for your kind words. I plan to win another 5k next week!

  4. WOOHOO on the 5k!!! Thats great!
    And DO NOT START AND THEN STOP taking antibiotics---EVER! I could right a book on how bad that is for someone! Email what they gave him and whats up, you know I AM a nurse and all LOL

  5. 32min for are doing way better than me!