Thursday, February 23, 2012

Circle of Life

Today, I looked out my window and saw a hawk eating another bird.  Probably a pigeon.  There are feathers everywhere.  No blood, but so many feathers!

Seriously?  This is eerily similar to my bird eating lizard post of 2010.

Maybe the universe is telling me something again?  Like get out of America?  It has been close to a year since my last jaunt outside the usa. And I have been working really hard on my job searching.  I've been on six interviews now and have sent out at least a hundred applications (none of which has come to fruition... yet)!  I think I deserve a vacation.  If you're picking up on a weird sense of entitlement here, then you are spot on.  I'm not sure how I got like this, but I think traveling the world for free might have played a part.  Also, being the baby of the family always comes with a greater sense of privilege.  To further underscore my point, consider this: if I'm ever going to get a job working within an international community, I'd better get some more experience in.  Don't think of it as a vacation, think of it as "market research".  

Also, it's snowing outside.  Sooo... I'd like to get out of that situation.  

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  1. Roadtrip to Texas? WE could jump the border for a day for you :D