Friday, March 9, 2012

Talking Time, Thinking Time, Moving Time

First things first, to clarify:  the title is in reference to Matt and his older brother's nerdy, ahem, adorable practice of having a "talking time" and then a "thinking time" before bed. They shared a room.  And bunk beds.  Gods, that is sweet.

Now, to get on with it: In case some of you don't know, (and you probably don't because we haven't told anyone... except most people we speak to regularly... and our neighbors... and that guy at Jewel who asks me for money and tells me I have a beautiful smile so then I give him the money), we're probably moving in May when our lease is up.  We've started looking, and think that we found the perfect place today.  Please let me know your opinions, as this is a huge decision.

Cray-eyed Matt with his 5-sticks-of-butter-cake I made him.  Hey, the recipe is from Food and Wine, which makes it okay.  (Cray is the new "crazy".  Spread the word.)

Also, thank you to everyone for making our birthdays so special this year! My birthday marked one year to the day of leaving Baroda for good. Bang!  (It's the new boom. Tell all your friends.)

Old Baby Cait with her two mini pies!  Needles to say, we are now on a diet.  

Now, before I go, I'd like to leave you with a little something that will brighten your day and leave you smiling far into the weekend... even if it means Matt kills me. It's probably worth it.  At some point over the past few weeks, this happened:  
Bang. So hip. Amazing how now that we know what hipsters are, we can emulate them at will.   


  1. I think we're going to be in a bidding war for that house. It's the one we had our hearts set on....

    I had a piece of that 5 sticks of butter cake and I could feel my arteries clogging as I ate it. It's all your fault that I had to run two miles on the treadmill afterwards. But it was delicious - so thanks buddy!

  2. Either you need to get your butt moving with kids to fill the house or you need to run a B&B for roadies...but I think you could swing it! :D