Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Love Chicago

After much drama, heartache, and sleepless nights, it's official: we're finished with Nola! I know I shouldn't be so excited about leaving because I know what lays directly ahead of me (India) but I am! We're heading out at 6.30 a.m. tomorrow... it would appear Matt's travel agent doesn't care for us much. Thanks Janine. We just bought a bunch of groceries and perishable food items the other day (gotta get our Walmart fix when we can) so I guess we'll be stuffing our faces today trying to polish it off... poor us. Gluttony is our middle name. Anyway, I guess it's Chicago for a few days and then India. I don't know when we're leaving for sure, but I'll probably know by tomorrow or the next day, so I will pass it along. Anyone know where I can get a cheap Lonely Planet India? I'm going broke buying these travel guides.

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