Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wow, Nola

Well, Mardi Gras is over... finally. I have always thought Mardi Gras was like a one day event, or maybe 2 days if it's a weekend. Not so here, I'm afraid. They had parades for more than a week, the culmination of them being (Fat) Tuesday morning. We went to a couple of them, but honestly, (to quote the guy from the bar on New Year's) that's just not my scene, man, it's not my scene. We went down to Bourbon Street during the day Tuesday, and it was pretty ridiculous. Crazy crowds and costumes, and lots of "Jesus freaks" howling about how we're all going to hell. Their shirts said "God hates Mardi Gras 2010". Talk about a downer.We were just watching the fun and not really participating when two college kids came up and asked us what we thought about God. We couldn't shake them, so we just left and came back to the hotel to watch Olympics. Now that all the fun's over, I guess we're all paying the price, as most of the city is sick with the "February Funk". I've definitely got it (bronchitis again and everything!) but Matt seems to be in the clear. The immune system on that boy is phenomenal.

After more than a week of all play and no work due to delays at the refinery, Matt started back on night shift again last night. I guess the situation is that he has to finish the job here (probably a week or less) and then we'll fly back to Chicago for a couple days to pack for India and then we'll be off. Just in time for my birthday! We would've liked a little more time to prep for India because we're planning to be there for so long, but what can you do?

We have had a lot of fun in Nola (did I mention that's what they call it?) on Matt's free vacation. We went on a cemetery tour and visited a plantation house complete with mint juleps on the veranda. Matt's birthday was Thursday and I took him to Emeril's restaurant for lunch (a bit cheaper that way) and then we went bowling.
Big fun down South. We heard a really amazing fiddle player on Lundi Gras (Fat Monday) in a band called Amanda Shaw and the Cute Guys. She's only 16 and I guess is something of a fiddle prodigy, so if you're into that stuff, and I know you are, you should check them out. Anyway, that's about it from Who Dat Nation (cannot tell you how sick of that I am). Oh, on a side note, I went shopping earlier, but because Matt's on night shift I have to get dressed in the dark while he sleeps. I made it through three stores in the mall before I realized my shirt was on inside out. It would appear that I am my mother's daughter.

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