Monday, July 19, 2010


After a long and arduous journey, we finally made it to Baroda.  It is very much the same same as before.  Feels like we never left.  Although on the ride to the hotel, we did see two monkeys (the big, ugly kind that hang around the refinery, not the cute kind) and a cart full of beans being pulled by a camel.  Yes, a camel. You definitely don't see that every day.  Too bad I was in such a sleep deprived stupor I couldn't get to my camera fast enough.  Maybe we'll see him again some day.  He'd be pretty hard to miss, I think.

Nothing much happened on the trip.  It was long and fairly miserable, what with all our non-deodorant wearing companions.  Ohh, we did see a guy lose it in the business class lounge in O'Hare.  He was talking on his cell phone in the quiet lounge, and when someone told him to leave because it was the quiet lounge, he just went nuts.  He started yelling and pointing at everyone in the lounge saying "is this the kind of first class people they let in the lounge?!"  And then he told some guy that he hoped he had a heart attack and died.  It was awesome.  Not the threat part, just the whole outburst in general.  Very entertaining.  Oh, and then on our flight from Frankfurt we were still at the gate and the flight attendants came on the PA calling for a doctor.  I believe they said "we'd like a surgeon if possible".  Which begs the question, why on Earth would you need a surgeon on an airplane while we're still at the gate?  If someone is sick enough to need surgery, I'd say you should probably just get off the plane.  Maybe the needed some sort of elective procedure and wanted to get it taken care of mid-flight.  Like a nose job, or something.

Also, I lost my Ipod.  I think I left it in the rental car.  Bummer.  The lady at the lost and found at National had left for the day already, and no one was answering the other phones, (and when they finally did they were incredibly rude) so I guess I'll just call back from here.  Hopefully they have it... otherwise I have no idea where it is.  Good thing Matt said I can use his Ipod for the length of our stay... it's much nicer than mine, anyway.

Anyway, Matt went in to work "for two hours" four hours ago.  I expect him home any minute... or like tomorrow morning.  Wouldn't be the first time he showed up and worked a full 12 hour night shift.  Let's cross our fingers that doesn't happen.  Now I'm afraid I must go for my brain is still incredibly sluggish... I already took a 3 hour nap, but I think I could definitely use at least 9 or 10 more hours.


  1. They have medical equipment on the plane and in the airport but only Trained people can use it. I had to show my nurses license once to use stuff on a flight from Tokyo to Chicago. A surgeon though---I'm thinking that COULDN'T have been good!
    So how much liquor did you get in?

  2. Hmm, I didn't know they had such strict protocol like that... I guess it's to prevent people from just playing hero and trying to save a life without a license... that's totally something I would do. We just got our standard 2 liters each and then only one water bottle of vodka (which is almost gone now). Matt wouldn't let me bring any more because he was too nervous!

  3. I wouldn't say surgeons are very good diagnosticians. Maybe the guy just had an operation and was feeling some complications.