Saturday, July 17, 2010

Same Same

After speaking with several of my family members today, it has become pretty clear that no one understands exactly where we're going in India.  I could probably just re-post an old post about India, but that would be too easy.  Let me clear this up for you:

We are going to Vadodara, India in the state of Gujarat.  The job will take at least four months (4 months in UOP time = about 8 or more months job time).

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Map of Vadodara.  Click on the link to go to the google page and mess around with it.  
The locals call it Baroda, so in order to fit in, I do too.  It is about an hour flight from Mumbai on the western side of the country.  Gandhi is apparently from somewhere in Gujarat, therefore it is a dry state and alcohol isn't allowed.  However, outsiders (of Gujarat, not just of India) can get a 30 day alcohol permit which allows us to buy two units (one unit = 5 beers or 750 ml of liquor) every 10 days.  After your 30 day permit runs out, you have to leave the state of Gujarat and come back in to get a new permit.  Doesn't sound so bad, right?  However, I hear that after a few months things dry up pretty quickly.

That's probably more information than you needed on alcohol purchases, but obviously it's my main concern.  So that's it.  Lest there be any confusion: this is the exact same place in which we stayed in March.  The same city, same customer, same hotel and hotel staff (possibly the same hotel room, in fact), same creepy guy I will continue to avoid at the gym, same scummy pool that I plan to utilize much more than before, same dirt, same cows, same dogs, same dumpsters, same Crosswords Bookstore (which I will also utilize more than the first time), same restaurants, same food, same per diem, same husband, same wife.  Same same.  All our luggage is packed and overweight.  This is also same same as before.  I am taking literally all the same clothes, (except one skirt I loaned to Ashley... Matt is furious about that. I told him, my skirt, my rules.) only plus a lot of extra clothes.  Last time we underestimated the heat and sweatiness of our bodies and what that might do to clothes (it makes them virtually unwearable after one use).  In other news, I got my hair cut yesterday.  It looks same same, but different.

There.  I honestly think I've made it perfectly clear about our situation this time.  Hopefully this trip will be amazing, but probably it will be same same as the other jobs. But different.

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  1. oh how did you do the map on this page!? I need to know how to! My family is HORRIBLE at geography (well I was to before the road) LOL
    Sorry about the skirt I know you really loved it!