Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today I ventured outside of the hotel for basically the first time since I got back from Thailand.  I had forgotten how persistent those beggar kids are.  No, that's not quite true... I think maybe they forgot what a cold-hearted witch I am when it comes to giving them money.  They have definitely renewed their quest for "one coin" with vigor.  I know what you're thinking, and yes, I feel bad ignoring them time after time.  But not so bad that I'm willing to give them money, as I know this will only make the situation that much worse.  I had one small boy follow me across the busy street, through death-defying traffic, while holding an infant.  For real.  I would have been kind of impressed, but he was holding onto my arm the entire time asking for money, so that lessened my amazement somewhat.  Fear not, I have a grand plan for giving all of Baroda's beggars money, but I can't execute it until the day we leave.  (It's something along the lines of throwing money out of the car windows as we drive on our way to the airport. This way everyone's happy, see?)

Baroda seems to have made a lot of changes while I was away.  For instance, they finished construction on Trash and Potholes Road, so now I can just call it Trash Road.  It is still very dirty, maybe even more so now that the monsoon season is over.  Also, I have been told that my favorite store from Mumbai, FabIndia, has just opened a new location in the Centre Square Mall.  I have yet to look into it because I don't want to have all my fun in one day.  Gotta save something for the rest of the week.  I did however buy some granola bars today.  It was the best day.  Also, I am unsure about whether Diwali has started or if it is starting this weekend.  In any case, there are lots of shoppers and lots of traffic in town this week.  Shriram says the jewelry stores clean up during Diwali because everyone goes to buy silver to give as gifts.  I love silver!  Perhaps in the Diwali spirit I should buy myself some (more... I bought some in Thailand, too.)?

Speaking of Thailand (oooohhh, you see how I did that?  Segue is my middle name), I believe I was telling a story....
After Ayutthaya, we got that same taxi driver to take us to Pattaya, which is the city of Go-Go clubs.  Apparently it's billed as some sort of beachy resort area, but that it is not.  It does have a beach, but you can't really see it through all the prostitutes and ladyboys strolling the sidewalk in front of it.  Danielle's husband came and met us in Pattaya, and together they took us around the city, showing us things we had never before seen (and don't really ever need to see again).  Basically just lots of Thai girls (and boys, sometimes) doing unmentionable things.
                                                      Photo courtesy of Danielle S. 
Some of the aforementioned girls.  And Danielle!  She had unwittingly dressed in their uniform.  

Also, we went to a Tiffany Show to watch drag queens strut their stuff!  It was pretty entertaining, but the music could've been a lot better.  My favorite number was a little ditty entitled "I Enjoy Being a Girl".  Both clever and ironic.
Isn't she lovely?  Photo courtesy of Mary P.

Oh, AND we saw a Michael Jackson magician, and he used Danielle as his assistant for one of his more eye-catching illusions.  I quite enjoyed it, but I can't say that she did.

                                 Photo courtesy of Danielle S. 
MJ and Danielle.  He was trying to burn a hole in her shirt without actually burning a hole in her shirt.

So that was about all for Pattaya.  Pretty entertaining. In closing, I would like to apologize to Danielle for posting two (semi-embarrassing) pictures of her on my blog without her permission.  In penance, I will post one embarrassing photo of myself.  Fair is fair.  
                                  Photo courtesy of Danielle S.
This was at the dance club around 4 a.m.  Surprisingly, I was neither drunk nor having a crazy time, even though I look both.  
 Also, my power just went out.  Nothing like rolling blackouts to remind you where you are.  

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  1. I can't believe I got you guys to believe that I accidentally wore the same outfit as those girls. I didn't want to let you know that that's where I'm working now. I had to pay for that vacation somehow you know.