Friday, March 19, 2010

I Love Fridays

I haven't really had anything to write about all week, and I still don't, really, but I do have a couple of pictures I thought I'd share, just to help you get a feel for the place.  Not much doing this week... I went to the grocery store (or several small grocery stores, to be exact, before settling on the best one, Spencer's) twice this week and found such delectable treats as Gatorade and granola bars.  By the way, a lot of the food and juice that I've been buying here is expired by at least a few months... consequently, they are cheaper.  I really have been trying to find non-expired juice, but I haven't found anything more recent than January '10.  Most are still in the '09 category.  I haven't gotten sick yet, so I figure my iron stomach can handle it.  

I went to the "big mall" in town yesterday.  I meant to walk there, but the heat almost knocked me over as I walked out the door, and I gravitated toward the tuk-tuk without even realizing it.  It's been in the 100s for the past few days... it's only going to get hotter, people... come visit now if you're coming!  Anyway, the big mall isn't really very big in terms of American or Chinese malls, but it does have some Western clothing stores.  Although what Indian people (or people in general for that matter) need with a United Colors of Benetton is beyond me.   I also found several Indian clothing stores, including one with very reasonably priced shoes... so I bought some.  I think my size 7 (or 8 depending on the shoe) feet are at the higher end of their foot spectrum, but I did find one pair.  I'll keep searching. 

 Also, the most notable thing that happened all week occurred yesterday.  I was crossing the street and two little boys came running up with their hands out for money... in the middle of the street.  I put my hand out to stop them before they (or I) got run over, and they both slapped me and then ran off.  Can you believe that?  The gall.  I'd like to issue a decree from this point forward: To all little children or adults who want money from me, I will only give it to you if you are quiet and respectful about it.  You may follow me, but you may not, under any circumstances, claw at me, scratch my arms or feet, slap me, or (most importantly) stick your hands in my armpits.  If you do this, you will get none of my money.  Thank you.  

Cows eating from the dumpster: a common sight.  

Confronted my fears (both of the pool and of people seeing me in a swimsuit) and went swimming yesterday.  It's not a nice pool, but it's (relatively) clean and hey, it's a pool.  In accordance with me not eating at the buffet anymore, Matt and I went and ate dinner at the Thali restaurant again and then another night went to a different Indian restaurant across town. The food was good, but the traffic was so bad getting there and back, and we got so ripped off by the tuk-tuk drivers, and the garlic naan settled so poorly in our bellies that I don't think we'll be going there again.  Not to worry, I spotted both the Pizza Hut and Papa John's restaurants on my walk yesterday.  I will not starve.  Also, I'm taking multivitamins so I (probably) won't get scurvy.  Though if I did, I could write a song about it like Captain Dan (authentic pirate hip-hop).  Have been running for 15 minutes every day on the treadmill and sweating a gallon at a time.  Still haven't lost any weight, but I have faith.  If things get really bad, I might start seeing the personal trainer again... things would have to get REALLY bad for that though.  Scream 2 is on TV... I better not miss this.  

Traffic at 7.30pm in Vadodara

There was a festival the other day. I don't know what it was, but it's apparently marked by the giving away of strawberry milk.  That's what these people are fighting over.  They are loving it.  

A very ornate dress in the Sequinz store down the road.  

And here's me, at the insistence of the man outside, standing in the window next to the beautiful dress.  "It's all about making the memories" he told me.  Please excuse the glare.

Matt's favorite store in town.  He hasn't been in yet, he just likes the sign.  

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  1. Love the shoes : ) I'm excited to hear that you have a pool there. It just makes the days go by much easier!