Thursday, March 25, 2010

Show Me the Money

After two and a half weeks in India, Matt finally got his per diem yesterday from the refinery.  We've never been to a place where they pay him in cash, so it feels a little strange having this huge pile of money sitting around.  I don't know how to work the in room safe, so I just have it sitting in a drawer.  It'll be fine.  There's no thievery in India.  Speaking of, I went shopping with one of Matt's co-workers yesterday (he's leaving today, actually... it's always the most depressing when people start leaving site.  It just means you'll be here that much longer than they were) and we took a tuk-tuk back from the mall.  Remember how the last tuk-tuk driver tried to charge me Rps 30 for the ride?  Well this guy tried to charge 50!  Can you believe these people?  (FYI, it's not racist to say "these people" if you're talking about tuk-tuk drivers in general and not Indian people.  Don't worry, we keep it PC up in here.)  I feel like I have a huge sign stuck to my blindingly white skin that says "rip me off".  Anyway, it didn't work, and I just threw 20 rupees at him and walked off.  We thought he might get really pissed, but he didn't.  Well, he probably was pissed, but he just drove off.  See, tuk-tuk drivers, the thing is, you can't try to rip me off after you've already taken me to my destination.  I'm already there.  I can just get out.  If you're gonna try to rip me off, you should probably try like halfway, and then if I don't pay up, you can kick me out.  See how these things work?  Use your heads.

Anyway, Andrew bought some stuff for his mama, and I spent considerably less money and bought some stuff for... some people.  I haven't decided who yet, but isn't that half the fun?  They have some pretty amazing cashmere and pashmina scarves here, but don't get your hopes up, ladies; they're pretty expensive.  Probably has something to do with all the hand weaving and needle work.  I probably won't even get one for myself... nah, I probably will, but doesn't it make you feel better if I say I won't?  Now that I have my fat stack of cash, I'll probably be buying a lot more stuff that no one needs.  There's some rule about how you can't take rupees out of India, and they only exchange up to a certain amount at the airports before you leave, so it's probably best that I just spend it all before we go.  That way at least we'll have something to show for all Matt's hard work.  Andrew and I finally went into the Bollywood men's store looking for some great clothes, and boy we were not disappointed.  My favorite piece was a tight black mesh tank top...  I'm considering bringing a couple back for Nate and Dad to wear on their fishing trips.  Maybe they have a small one for Mason, too.  That way you can tan through the shirt.

This van is outside the Bollywood for men store... I don't think it's moved in a long while.  Incidentally, this is what their ambulances look like. Not the dirt part, just the van part.  

 In other news, Matt has been sick for almost two weeks now.  We thought it was a cold, but now I think it may have moved on into something much more sinister, like a sinus infection.  He promised that if he wasn't feeling better today he'd go to the doctor... I think he'll probably just lie and say he's feeling better so he doesn't have to go.  I guess I can't really blame him, though.  I saw an "emergency center" yesterday, and it did not look inviting.  I think you might come out of that place a hell of a lot sicker than you were when you went in.  Seriously, he'd probably lose a limb or something.  Let's just all hope real hard that his cold goes away soon.  I know he's really tired of it, and at the risk of sounding un-nurturing, so am I.  Still on track to leave, um, sometime.  Andrew is flying out through Delhi and going to see the Taj before he leaves, so maybe Matt and I can do that as well.  We probably won't have to worry about it too much because we'll surely be back.  We just can't get enough of this place, you know?


  1. Yes... you have to spend all the money. What else is a roadwife good for? : ) Shop, Shop, Shop!!

  2. Can barely recognize you behind that pile of money :-) Go saree shopping, prep for Jigu's wedding!