Friday, March 26, 2010

An Interesting Turn of Events

I finally have something noteworthy to blog about!  I'm sure you're all relieved.  As you know, we were supposed to be leaving in the next couple of weeks... well, it seems that we'll be leaving much sooner than expected: Saturday.  Matt got online last night to change our return tickets, which were scheduled for Saturday the 27th, (because we knew we'd be here at least another week) only to discover that the company had already decided to kick him out this weekend.  It would have been nice if they could have given him a heads up at work on Thursday, as they'd been planning it all out since that morning, but no one did, so we found out at about 9.30 last night.  I've been packing furiously all day... well, I packed furiously for a couple hours today, with several TV and snack breaks in between.  It's no easy task considering we brought enough stuff for 6 months and have used only a fraction of it.  Plus I keep shopping, so we have considerably more stuff than we should at this point.  Good thing we don't pay for overweight baggage.  Thanks, UOP (and this time I really mean it).  Matt went into work this morning and then was supposed to go over to the police station to get some sort of written permission to leave the country.  This is the same written permission that Andrew was supposed to get yesterday and still hasn't gotten.  He was scheduled to leave Thursday, but he's still waiting on the permission slip so he might not get out of here before Saturday either.  Why are they taking so long?  I guess that's just the way of these people.   I should learn to accept their poor planning and inefficiency, for it is only through acceptance that I can truly grow to love them.  Anyway, that's the news so far.  We'll either leave tomorrow (morning or night... or afternoon, I guess) or we won't.  We'll either stay in Mumbai for a couple days to sightsee... or we won't.  Probably we'll be here until Monday.  That's my prediction.  In any case, I'm packed (sort of) and ready (not quite).

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